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Linen World Inc was solely curated with love and hard-work by me in 1985. I was young, naive, and tackling the challenges of being an immigrant woman in Canada. Armed with self confidence and faith I persevered through demanding situations to make Linen World a success story. My experiences of facing challenges made me more determined to help other women. I made a conscious choice to share the success of my business by empowering other women in India and Nepal by sourcing more handicrafts from them. It's very important to me to create more opportunities of growth for them as most of those women are sole providers for their families and communities. It's an ongoing goal for my business to generate more business for them because when women in our communities thrive, we all thrive. 

All this was possible because of the support of our AMAZING Customers!

  • Support Local

  • Support POC

  • Support Women

  • Support your community 

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